Bromo Camping Tumpak sewu Waterfall Ijen tourist attractions most sought after in East Java, You could say a complete package holiday because you can enjoy the beauty of Sunrise, Bromo Crater, Teletubies Hill, Savana and whispering sand, Tumpaksewu waterfall, Ijen Crater is one of the largest acidic craters in the world that has a level of acidity near zero that you can enjoy in the crater of Ijen.


Pick Up from Surabaya / Malang Airport, Hotel, Train station
Depart to Tumpak sewu Area
Open tent
Camping { tent }
Free Program

Explorer Tumpak Sewu Waterfall
Explorer Tetes Cave
Driving to Bromo Area
Depart to Cemoro Lawang village (Bromo Caldera)
Check in similar homestay at Cemoro lawang village
Camping { tent } Milkyway season
Free Program

03:30AM Start the tour by Jeep 4x4WD and continue to Sunrise poin at
Mt Pananjakan
Back to Jeep parking
Breakfast Time
Continue drive to Sempol Village ( Ijen Crater & Coffee Plantation area )
Open tent at Paltuding Camping Ground
Free Program

01:30AM Preparing (Ijen Start Tracking point) then continue
hike to Ijen Volcano Rim for 1,5 hours
Explore blue fire Lava Dome
Waiting sighting of blue tosca lake
Back to car parking Area
Continue to Surabaya or Ferry Port Cross to Bali Island

The Tour Finished

– All Land Transportation
– Jeep 4×4 WD Bromo
– 1 Night Accomodation
– 3 Night at tent
– Breakfast
– Local Guide in Ijen
– Local Guide in Tumpak Sewu Waterfall
– Gas Mask in Ijen
– Insurance from National Park

– All Entrance Ticket
– Lunch and dinner
– Personal expenses

Price (Per-Person)
  • 2 person = Rp 3,000,000  (similar as SGD 294 or RM 894)
  • 3 person = Rp 2,500,000  (similar as SGD 245 or RM 745)
  • 4 person = Rp 2,400,000  (similar as SGD 235 or RM 715)
  • 5 person = Rp 2,300,000  (similar as SGD 225 or RM 685)
  • 6 person = Rp 2,250,000  (similar as SGD 220 or RM 670)
  • 7 person = Rp 2,200,000  (similar as SGD 215 or RM 655)
  • 8 person = Rp 2,100,000  (similar as SGD 205 or RM 625)
  • 9 person = Rp 2,000,000  (similar as SGD 196 or RM 596)
  • For 2 participants, Jeep Bromo is Joining and No Local Guide Bromo
  • For 3 or more participants, the bromo jeep is private and accompanied by a local Guide Bromo
  • Price is valid for 2020 Except May, 17 – 31  ( Ramadhan Holiday )
  • For the group more than 10 people, please contact us
  • SGD = Singapore Dollar ; RM = Ringgit Malaysia ; Rp = Indonesia Rupiah

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A Challenging Trip to The Most Impressive Bromo Ijen Semeru Tumpak Sewu Waterfall

If you have been backpacker around the world and love to see spectacular things, then you should have a chance to visit Bromo Ijen Semeru Tumpak Sewu waterfall. Tumpak Sewu is recognized as the most beautiful waterfall in Java island even throughout entire Indonesia. The locals also call Tumpak Sewu waterfall as Coban Sewu. Both are Javanese language and have a similar meaning which is a thousand waterfalls.

Tumpak Sewu Waterfall Location
The waterfall is located between the Ampelgading District in Malang Regency and the Pronojiwo District in Lumajang Regency, East Java, Indonesia. The location is not on the common Java route, so you may find that there only a few people come here. Tumpak Sewu waterfall’s height is approximately 120 meters.

Tumpak Sewu Waterfall Viewpoint
There are generally two standpoints where you can admire the waterfall which is from the top and from the foot. But the whole appearance from above by a drone will give you an image of the tree of life. Watching it from below will give you an immense powerful nature show and it is really mind-blowing from all angles.
Most tourists won’t like to wake up for sunrise and so, they probably suggest you visit the Bromo Ijen Semeru Tumpak Sewu waterfall on 7 in the morning since it has the best light. But, believe me, if you want a full breathtaking adventure, wake up early and bet at the viewpoint to witness the sunrise. You must see the beautiful fog that creates a magical atmosphere.
When you arrive at the viewpoint, you will see the Mount Semeru stand magnificently and overshadow the waterfall. Mount Semeru is known to be the tallest mountain in Java and an active one. If you can be there for sunrise, the view will start from the beautiful backdrop Semeru and as the light rises, your focus will slowly come to the lovely Tumpak Sewu.
Being at Tumpak Sewu viewpoint for sunrise will give you other benefits. You can have the entire phenomenon and magical place all to yourself since there will hardly anyone at the time. More importantly, you will have the perfect timing for pictures since it will support the colors and epic lighting.

Hiking Down to The Foot of Tumpak Sewu
Don’t be too long at the top viewpoint because there will be too much sunlight at the bottom of the Bromo Ijen Semeru Tumpak Sewu waterfall. When the sun is high enough, the light will be right above the waterfalls and taking photos will be disappointed since it will be blown out.
The trail to hike down to the ground level is started right next to the spot where you enjoy the sunrise. It will probably take 10 to 15 minutes walks before you find the canyon. You just need to walk for another 5 minutes to pass through the canyon and arrive at the waterfalls.
Hiking down is rather challenging since you will have to pass bamboo ladders that are quite sketchy. Just be careful when you pass it through and make sure you are wearing shoes. There are also some sections where you walk through small streams. A little bit challenging but no serious danger and let yourself enjoy the surroundings properly.
Arriving at the canyon of the Bromo Ijen Semeru Tumpak Sewu waterfall will make you wonder how big the walls are. You are not more than just an ant realizes how big the universe it as you continue to walk toward an incredible sight. After passing the last corner, you may unconsciously hold your breath for witnessing the magical and powerful nature shows. There are some huge walls with thirty separate waterfalls and all drops into a tiny pool. Go ahead to explore all of the waterfalls and enjoy yourself as much as you like.

The 3 Beauties of Mount Ijen

Ijen Crater is another beauty you can find in East Java. Most people might only know Mount Bromo with its beautiful sunrise scenery. However, close to Mount Bromo, you also can find Mount Ijen, where the crater on the peak will give you magnificent and unbelievable view. So, it’s not wrong for you to add this mountain into your adventure plan.

What Can You See in Mount Ijen?

As we mentioned above, the main attraction of Mount Ijen is the crater. However, if we have to divide the best things you can find in Mount Ijen, we can easily give you three amazing things. Here they are:

–         The Blue Fire

You can find it in the crater of Mount Ijen. This fire is occurred because of the gas that comes out from the crack in the crater. The fire itself can reach 5 meters (16tf) high. If you want to watch this beautiful scenery, you must take the midnight climbing from the travel agency. When you arrive in the crater, you can see the beautiful blue light that shines in the darkness.

However, there are also many conditions where you can’t see the blue fire. Weather is one of them. If the weather is bad, mostly you can’t climb this mountain and reach the crated. Then, the wind is also an important thing to consider. Many people have successfully reached the crater. But, the wind direction and power can make the smoke from the sulfur goes your way and block your view. This way you won’t be able to see the fire.

Moreover, it’s dangerous for you who aren’t accustomed to the environment, unlike the miner that works here every day. Mostly, your guide will ask you to go down and back to your camp to avoid any accident.

–         The Sulfur Miner

As we said above, you also can see miner work to mine sulfur in the Ijen Crater. You may feel uncomfortable when you see how hard they work. But, you can see it as a lesson that you must be grateful to be able to live comfortably. Moreover, you also can admire how strong these miners are. They can easily carry almost 100kg (220lb) of sulfur rock on their shoulder and climb the steep route from the bottom of the crater to the rim area.

When you descent, you also can find miners that sell unique figurine made of sulfur rock. You can buy it if you want as a souvenir. They sell it for 10,000 to 20,000 Rupiah depend on the size of the figurine. It might be a little bit expensive for this simple art. But, at least buy it as the appreciation for their dangerous work in a sulfur mine.

–         The Landscape

The landscape in the trekking route to the crater, especially the crater itself is amazing. We can even call it an odd form of landscape you can find on Earth. It’s like the landscape of other planets. The climbing route is full of trees. Depending on the time you visit this mountain, the view of these trees is different. Then, when you reach the crater rim, you will see the extreme change in your surroundings. Do not forget to take your camera and capture these beautiful sceneries. It will be one of your best souvenirs you can get from Mount Ijen.

So, are you interested to visit Mount Ijen? You can use service to enjoy those three magnificent sceneries and get the best experience in climbing Mount Ijen. They have all the packages and service that you need for your adventure.

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