Bromo Camping Package which includes all tours on Mount Bromo, Bromo Camping Package is a Shooting for photography both local and foreign tourists who want to see the enchanting beauty of the rising sun at the peak of climbing 1 with sides on the highest peak on Mount Bromo, Mount Bromo is the best place to hang out because the place in Bromo can also see the sunrise view.


Pick Up from Surabaya / Malang Airport, Hotel, Train station
Depart to Cemoro Lawang village (Bromo Caldera)
Check in similar homestay at Cemoro lawang village
Camping { tent } Milkyway season
Free Program

03:30AM Start the tour by Jeep 4x4WD and continue to Sunrise poin at
Mt Pananjakan
Back to Jeep parking
Breakfast Time
Continue drive to Sempol Village ( Ijen Crater & Coffee Plantation area )
Open tent at Paltuding Camping Ground
Free Program

01:30AM Preparing (Ijen Start Tracking point) then continue
hike to Ijen Volcano Rim for 1,5 hours
Explore blue fire Lava Dome
Waiting sighting of blue tosca lake
Back to car parking Area
Continue to Surabaya or Ferry Port Cross to Bali Island

The Tour Finished

– All Land Transportation
– Jeep 4×4 WD Bromo
– 1 Night Accomodation
– 2 Night at tent
– Breakfast
– Local Guide in Ijen
– Gas Mask in Ijen
– Insurance from National Park

– All Entrance Ticket
– Lunch and dinner
– Personal expenses

Price (Per-Person)
  • 2 person = Rp 2,150,000 (similar as SGD 210 or RM 640)
  • 3 person = Rp 1,800,000 (similar as SGD 176 or RM 536)
  • 4 person = Rp 1,700,000 (similar as SGD 166 or RM 506)
  • 5 person = Rp 1,600,000 (similar as SGD 156 or RM 476)
  • 6 person = Rp 1,500,000 (similar as SGD 147 or RM 447)
  • 7 person = Rp 1,400,000 (similar as SGD 137 or RM 417)
  • 8 person = Rp 1,350,000 (similar as SGD 132 or RM 402)
  • 9 person = Rp 1,300,000 (similar as SGD 127 or RM 387)
  • For 2 participants, Jeep Bromo is Joining and No Local Guide Bromo
  • For 3 or more participants, the bromo jeep is private and accompanied by a local Guide Bromo
  • Price is valid for 2020 Except May, 17 – 31  ( Ramadhan Holiday )
  • For the group more than 10 people, please contact us
  • SGD = Singapore Dollar ; RM = Ringgit Malaysia ; Rp = Indonesia Rupiah

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Tips to Prepare Your Mount Bromo Sunrise Viewing

Indonesia holds many beautiful places you don’t want to miss when you visit this tropical country. Mount Bromo is one of the beautiful places you can find in Indonesia. Mount Bromo is well known for its beautiful sunrise scenery. It said that this scenery is the most beautiful sunrise scenery in the world. Hearing this fact, it is normal if you are interested to see and visit it, right? However, climbing Mount Bromo and enjoying the sunrise can’t be done that easily. Preparation is necessary. This is climbing and activity in the wild. So, what do you must prepare?

Physical Condition

In reality, Mount Bromo can be considered to be one of the easiest trekking routes you can find in Indonesia. The main reason is the local governments and people who live near Mount Bromo has built a road that makes access to this mountain much easier compared to the past. Nowadays, you can just rent a car, mostly a jeep and 4WD car, to take you to the foot of Mount Bromo. From this point, you can climb the stairs to the vantage point where you can see the beautiful sunrise.

The stairs were built nicely. However, it’s still 250+ steps you need to climb, which require a good physical condition. Make sure you have no health problem before you climb the stairs. But, we have seen many locals and Indonesian people who also come here don’t have any problem to climb to the top, even though they are around 50+ years old.


The main attraction of Mount Bromo is sunrise viewing. Therefore, if you use a travel agency, they will make an itinerary that can facilitate that activity. So, you will start your journey to this mountain at dawn. If you stay in Malang or Surabaya, you even need to start your journey to the first climbing point at midnight. Therefore, you need proper clothes to protect your body from cold weather and low temperature here.

At least, you need to wear a sweater and jacket, plus long pants (jeans are preferable). Do not forget to wear proper shoes. You might don’t need professional climbing shoes. But, the shoes that you can wear comfortably when you climb the stairs and explore the area are important to have. You also need accessories, such as gloves, hat and scarf or masker to protect your skin from the cold.

You can bring all the clothes and climbing equipment that you need from home or hotel where you stay. However, if you don’t have time to prepare them, you can rent it on many hiking equipment rental that you can easily find near the climbing spot in Mount Bromo. Just make sure you choose the best service, for an affordable price and good-quality equipment.


Bring money in cash. You may want to buy some food or drink. Most people that sell them don’t accept card payment. So, having enough cash will help you to get the food and drink that you need. However, if you use a good travel agency, they will also prepare full accommodation for you, including the snack and drink. This is better than buying it from locals. Mostly, the locals put the expensive price for their product.


Those are several things that you need to prepare if you want to climb Mount Bromo and enjoy the beautiful sunrise scenery on top of it. To make your trip enjoyable and easier, you also can use the service from This website can help you to plan your trip and even they provide help to try the camping activity in Mount Bromo

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