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Mount Semeru

Mount Semeru is a kind of mountain choices for trekking. This mountain is not only beautiful but it has a long legend story. This mountain is located in Malang Region and Lumajang Region in East Java. This mountain is famous for its peak called Mahameru Peak. In addition, there are some other interesting places making this mountain so popular among trackers and tourists. These are some interesting facts about this mountain.

The Semeru Trekking

Stand at 3,676 meters above the sea level, Mount Semeru holds the record as the highest on the island of Java. Thus, this mountain will become your first trekking/adventuring destination. That height gives you a real physical and mental challenge. However, you are looking for adventure. So, do not take anything half-heartedly. Just go full speed since the beginning and you won’t be disappointed.
Your starting point will be Ranu Pane, a beautiful lake on the foot of Mount Semeru. You prepare everything and check your hiking equipment here. Then, you go to Kumbolo Lake, which is another lake that is situated at the 2,400 meters above the sea level. After a short break, you will continue your journey to Kalimati and set a tent here to rest for the last spurt to the top.
Then, at dawn, you will start climbing again to reach the Mahameru Peak. Your goal is the sunrise scenery from the highest part of this mountain. Prepare your heart. You’ll see one of the most beautiful artworks by God.

Being the Highest Mountain in Java Island

First and foremost seems to be a good reflection of this mountain. You should know that Mount Semeru is the highest mountain in Java Island. When you decide to trek this mountain, you should know the character of this mountain such as attacking tiredness and challenges during trekking. Though it saves more beauties, Mountain semeru can be a source of disaster if you don’t prepare anything during trekking. The high of this mountain is 3.676 above the sea level in which it is higher than Mount Slamet.

Mount Semeru is One of Seven Summits in Indonesia

The climbers and trackers surely get familiar with the term of Seven Summits. It is a term mentioning seven highest tops in the world. One of the categories is Cartenz Peak in Papua. In Indonesia, it is famously known the same term claiming the seven highest top in Indonesia belonging Mount Semeru. Semeru seeds to the fourth position after Cartenz, Kerinci, and Rinjani.

Being a Father of Mount Agung Despite having a relationship with Mount Penanggungan, Mount Semeru also has a special line to Mount Agung in Bali. Hinduists in Bali trust that Mount Semeru is a father of Mount Agung being one of the holy mountains in Bali. Hinduists in Bali holds a traditional ceremony for once of years in Mount Semeru. But, this ceremony is rarely conducted. The ceremony will be carried out if there has been the magical sound of the goddess of Mount Semeru.

Having a Beautiful Lake namely Ranu Kumbolo

If you track Mount Semeru, you shouldn’t miss a rare chance to enjoy a beautiful lake of Ranu Kumbolo. This mountain has a very beautiful lake on the high of 2.400 above the sea level. The lake is Ranu Kumbolo. This lake becomes a reason for many people trekking Mount Semeru though there are many difficult challenges to beat and pass. When you see this lake, your tiredness and difficulties can be removed easily. You can take a rest in the edge of the lake to see the beauty of this lake and surrounding. It is an amazing nature creation of the God in this mountain area.

Having a Spacious Park of Lavender in Mount Semeru

Mount Semeru is magic. Besides Lake of Ranu Kumbolo, it offers a floral park on the high. In some spots of Mount Semeru especially Oro-Oro Ombo, you will see a spacious field of purple flowers. Most of the people guess that it is lavender flowers. Is it a lavender flower? Actually, it is not that flower. But, the flowers are generally Verbena. The flowers have negative effects for a new ecosystem of Mount Semeru so that the national park side doesn’t prohibit the trackers to pick it out. Even, they recommend to take it. If you are trekking in Mount Semeru, you can pick it. But, don’t take the wrong flowers of Edelweiss flowers.

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